Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Belly Love... Jen & Jonathan

It was "Bid Day" the final day of sorority rush where you except your bid into your new home ... the energy of this day is intoxicating. I was a senior getting ready to finish my days an Alpha Phi when I first met Jen.... bright eyed and excited to become a new member. I always thought she was absolutely gorgeous and so proud my house rushed #1 (yep I had to throw that one in there!) ... and very relieved we were leaving our legacy in good hands. Jen has now grown up from that freshman sorority girl and is soon to take on the joy and warmth of becoming a mother for the first time. I thought she was beautiful back then ... well now with the glow of her pregnancy she is breath taking. I am so happy for her and Jonathan and can't wait to lay eyes on her little baby boy!

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