Friday, April 30, 2010

Everyday Kortney

To be young again! Spending time with this stunningly beautiful young girl made me look back and appreciate how it was to be her age. Carefree, no bills to pay, and the biggest worry of my day was if mom was going to let me talk to my crush on the phone after I finished my homework. It was so refreshing to hang out on the beach with Kortney... for that hour I worried about nothing but capturing her beauty and personality. She was so sweet and excited about her upcoming Middle School Graduation... high school here she comes!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Let's Eat Cake!

The moment I laid eyes on this little boy he had me wrapped around his little finger! It didn't hurt that his name was also Tyler like my sons. His smile brightened my day and made my job so easy. I mean he's got this picture taking thing down to a T! He will be celebrating his 1st Birthday soon so his Mom and Dad let him go to town on a yummy cupcake! Too precious for words...

I love this one... it's like he's waiting for his little girlfriend!
My Favorite!
I hope you have a Happy First Birthday Tyler and ALL of your Birthday Wishes come true!

A Bridal Shower

I've found that I have come to the stage in my life where all of my friends are finding the loves of their lives, getting engaged, walking down the aisle, and having babies ... and I LOVE it! Sharing these important life milestones with the ones that I love just gives me goosebumbs all over. There is nothing better than seeing the joy and excitement as a friend enjoys her Bridal Shower or the emotions they express as they walk down the aisle. This is going to be a VERY busy wedding season for me and I can't wait! This weekend was a great way to start the wedding season off right... we celebrated the bridal shower of my beautiful friend Kristy. The Maid of Honor went above and beyond and created a shower that was perfect for the bride to be. If you would like to contact Erin for party design visit her website at She is amazing and plans perfection right down to every little detail. It was a wonderful day and I am so happy for Kristy and can't wait for her big day!
It was a spa themed shower and I just fell in love with all of the details!
When I first walked in to see Kristy getting ready I got all choked up...she literally took my breath away!
Stunning! Paul is such a lucky guy!
Erin got engaged just days before the shower and how cute is it to have two best friends both sharing this special time in their lives together!
Admiring their new hand candy!
Looooove the shoes!
The Bridal Party...minus our little New Yorker Katrina.
My Partner in Crime..I love her so much!
Cheers to good friends and good health!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Belly Love...Krystyna & Ben

When I meet clients and fall in love with them I just pray they send their friends and family my way... because a great client usually produces great referrals... and I totally lucked out with this one! Krystyna and Ben rocked their session and I love the images we captured. I admired their style and found an instant comfort with their personalities and had so much fun with them. I could feel the excitement for their new baby girl just oozing from their pores. Plus anyone who knows me knows what a big Twilight nerd I am and they are naming her Bella! I love it and can't wait to meet her!