Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Whats it Going to Bee?"

I have previously posted some amazing party designs from my very talented friend Christina of Tres Bella.

She is the only creative mind I know that could have dreamt up a "Gender Reveal Party." Cute right? Her and her husband Josh, are expecting their first baby in October, so she created a fun experience for her closest family and friends to all find out the gender of their baby together.

They had multiple ultra-sounds to confirm the sex of their baby. The Dr. secretly put the results in a sealed envelope to await the big reveal during the party. As a new mother, I know that had to take some will power not to peak in the envelope! That would have drove me crazy! The party was full of details galore. All of the decor was centered around their theme..."What's is Going to Bee?" It was adorable! I will let the pictures talk for themselves...

The minute you walked up to the door you felt welcomed and introduced to the theme of the party...
The most adorable desert table EVER!
This large Bee envelope contains the results of the gender!
Soon to be parents... Josh & Christina.
Christina had her guest choose to wear Black if they thought it was a boy, and Yellow for a girl!
I thought her head was going to hit the ceiling with excitment! A Baby GIRL!
It's a Girl!
Congratulations Josh and Christina! I can't wait to spoil your little girl with lots of love and PINK! Now I have an excuse for all the tutu's I buy! lol

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  1. Wow! What a cute theme. That is so creative!