Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Family Love...The Sperry Family

The biggest thing that I love about what I do is having an open door to meeting so many great new people. I grow to love my clients, even in just the short hour or so that we are together. At the end of that hour I don't feel like they are my clients anymore, but more like friends. I felt this way with Amethyst and her family. Her and her husband Matthew have two gorgous girls named Kolby and Bailey. They reminded me how much I hope to have a little girl of my own someday soon. Thank you for spending the day with me and sharing the love your family shares!
Amethyst, and you tried to say you were not photogenic! This picture begs to differ!
Just Beautiful...that is all
Kolby reminded me of me at her sassy & dramatic... I LOVE her!

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  1. Angela, I'm new to your blog and I totally love your style! It's elegant yet casual. Great job!