Thursday, March 18, 2010

Family Love

I'm sure you all have one of those friends where when you just look at each other you can tell what the other one is thinking...and then crack up out load...and everyone else in the room has no idea what's going on...well Britany has always been that friend. (if that makes at all sense to you) But it does to me, we have shared so many memories through the years. From annoying high school cheerleaders to strong and supportive mothers. We were the first to learn when the other was the hospital for each others births...and last year she stood by my side as I became Mrs. Smith. I love her, I love her kids, and I am so happy she has found love in Kevin.


  1. aw i love these! she's so beautiful!

  2. Angela, these came out amazing as they always do...glad to see Britany is doing, her boys are getting so big! :)