Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Family Love...The Lavoie Family

If anyone has had the misfortune of being kicked in the butt by food poisoning, ya'll know how I felt a few Sundays ago. It had been raining the last few weekends and this day was finally a BEAUTIFUL day to get out and shoot. But where was I? I was curled up in a ball on my bed due to a little man selling Taco's at 2 am. But I was still determined to make my scheduled shoot. And there is nothing better to cure food poisoning then spending the afternoon with a fun and beautiful family.

Kristina is an amazing mother (Gorgeous I might add) and together with her husband Steven produced two of the most adorable kids I have ever met! They are so full of personality and life. Ryan is a little rock star and Alexis is to much with her little sass and cute dimples! Thank you so much Lavoie Family for sharing the day with me and putting up with my sick bed head! Ps... stay away from little taco men! They're evil!

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